Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween From Both Sides

I had been planning this costume for a few months, and when Phil Lesh announced he was playing a show on Halloween, I knew this would be the ideal show for it. I spent 6 weeks growing a beard for this occasion, which was not really a chore for me, as I am a direct genetic descendant from neanderthals; hence, my love of meat and natural fur coat.

Okay, so this is nothing out of the ordinary...

Yes, Brian, we've seen that side of you, too...


You would not believe how many people didn't even notice. Granted, Halloween in New York is kind of redundant because we all see freaks on a daily basis, but unless you were looking at me head-on, you probably wouldn't realize that you were looking at two different people.

This costume fulfilled a life-long desire to walk the streets with half a beard. Now I have essentially run out of facial hair styles to try. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

During the concert, I would be dancing next to people, and they'd have no idea. If they were on my right, they just thought I was another Deadhead. If they were on my left, they just thought I was some tool who came straight from work. Then I would turn around and blow their mind. A lot of people were very confused.

However, I must have had at least 10 different guys come up to me and say, "I get it. You're me! I understand how it is!" Obviously, there are many business folk who live the secret life of a Deadhead.

As an added touch, I only wore deodorant on my left side.

I never really came up with a name for this costume, aside from calling myself a "Split Personality." Seeing as how this was a jamband show, some ideas I had were:

"Two Souls in Communion"
"Two Versions of Me"
"Evolution of the Species"
"Blue State/Red State"
"Good vs. Evil"
"Andy Cahn vs. Mitch Cahn"

Oh yeah, I only shaved half my neck.