Sunday, March 11, 2007

From Backyard to Bacchus

After the parade, everyone started coming over to Lindsay’s for the backyard party. Someone brought over a bunch of boiled crawfish, and I had a great time pinching the tails and sucking the heads. The boil was really flavored well with a good amount of spice but not so much that your lips would go numb. There were also a ton of oysters (which I sadly could not eat because of my dammed allergy), and they were eaten raw, deep fried, and grilled with a garlic-parmesan butter. In addition, we grilled sausage, burgers, a big London broil, and corn, which I served with my garlic-cilantro lime butter. Yeah, we ate well.

Chowing on crawfish. Photo by J-R.

Ofeelya becomes a painted lady. Photo by Teddy.

Even though the party is in full swing, Craemer decides to consumate his relationship with Ofeelya. Photo by Carm.

Everyone wants a piece of Craemer. Photo by J-R.

Kevin shucks the oysters. Photo by J-R.

Teddy applies the butter. Photo by J-R.

Photo by J-R.

From there, it was off to the Bacchus parade. We didn’t get there early enough to see James Gandolfini as the King of Bacchus, but we did catch a lot of the parade. Of course, we caught a ton of stuff, per usual. At this point, the bead bin back at the house was starting to get quite full.

The beads come off the float and are thrown right back into the shark's mouth.

Photo by Rich.

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