Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lundi Gras at Tips

Three hours later, I awakened from my coma around midnight. I got ready to go, and we all departed to Tipitina’s. The Save-A-Center parking lot had its own hiss-filled shakedown happening, and we had driven in a large cooler filled with beer. I love it when people plan ahead like this. We were set and ready for three big sets of Galactic, making trips back to home beer base between sets. It was nothing short of ideal.

Galactic was great, and they had an interesting sit-in from some members of the opener, Morning 40 Federation. Galactic had learned two of Morning 40 Federation’s tunes just for this show, and it was cool to hear the band play in more of a punk/rock style. On the second tune, the one Morning 40 Federation guitarist nearly killed himself by jumping off of Stanton’s bass drum and doing a face-plant on the stage. Later in the show, Ivan Neville came out for an excellent sit-in that was sprinkled with a couple of great Meters covers.

2/19/2007 - Tipitina’s - New Orleans, LA

SET ONE: FEMA, Go-go, Clockstopper, Dumpsterjuice (w/ Morning 40), Washing Machine (w/ Morning 40), Hot Pants Road, Hell Below (w/ Ivan Neville), Funky Miracle (w/ Ivan)-> Cardova (w/ Ivan), Manic Depression, Shibuya, Poison Pushy, 2 clowns

SET TWO: Garbage Truck, Blackbird Special, Church (w/ Jason Mingledorf), Hamp's Hump (w/ Jason & Kyle Sharamataro), Double Wide (w/ Derek Freeman)> Mario Groove, Tiger Roll> Bounce Baby> Space Headz March

SET THREE: Ain't What You Think, Sweetback (w/ Burt Cotton, Vince Harman), Licorice, Hangnail, Black Eyed Pea> Trampled Under Foot, Quiet Please
Galactic jams and we all get down in the VIP. Photo by Carm.

Ivan Neville tears it up. Photo by J-R.

Fess was done up for the occasion. Photo by Carm.

The Incredible Hulk has a lot of pent-up frustration and he spies easy prey. Photo by J-R.

The Incredible Hulk gets his groove on and Teddy is impressed. Photo by J-R.

The bachelor goes down for the count, but he will rebound later in the show. Photo by Teddy.

The epic three-set Galactic show concluded with a great "Quiet Please" that got pretty intense. I saw that it was now 7AM, and I told Aiello, "This is impossible. It can't be 7. Where is the sun?" Then he told me to look at the window and imformed me that the bright thing shining through was known as the sun.

I felt very smart.

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