Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Journey Home

I called a cab about 2.5 hours before my flight, and about 75 minutes after I had called (and following several threatening phone calls to the cab company from Lindsay), the cab finally showed. My driver was the polar opposite of a New York City cab driver: somewhat inefficient, incredibly chatty, and eager to give me an unprompted lecture on the benefits of videotaping yourself while having sex with strippers. It was quite educational.

I expected a mad house at the airport, but it was rather sedate. There weren't many people coming or going, and my flight was relatively uneventful.

Mardi Gras was a great experience, thanks to the amazing generosity and hospitality of the Hevrons. I had originally envisioned Mardi Gras as a Bourbon Street Amateur Hour puke-o-rama, but the scene Uptown was very family oriented and just a lot of fun. The whole vibe was very different from the manic insanity of Jazz Fest, but I think J-R said it best when he described it as “the moveable feast.” Our party just kept rolling down the track, and it was a helluva ride. I will definitely be back.

Photo by Carm.

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