Friday, March 09, 2007

The Bachelor Party Dinner

Barrett’s phones kept ringing over and over again at 11AM, and that woke everyone up. When he didn’t answer one phone, the other one went off. It was brutal. This is exactly what you do not want to hear when you have a mild hangover and desperately need more sleep in advance of the night’s upcoming Lundi Gras show. Unfortunately, that sacred sleep would not be found, as I was now up for good. I got showered and then washed a ton of dishes in the cleanup from the previous day’s debauchery.

Ofeelya wakes up next to yet another man. It was clear that this slut was trying to drive a wedge between all of us.

Photo by Carm.

We made our way to Dr. and Mrs. Hevron’s for the bachelor dinner. Soon after we arrived, Mrs. Hevron departed, as this was a guys-only event. Dr. Hevron had made everyone these nice fleur de lis baseball caps, and many of us received compliments on them over the next two days. He had also hired a piano player, Albetus (sp?), to play for us outside. The weather was great in the high 60s, and it was nice to sit out and relax and enjoy some great New Orleans piano while sipping Abita Ambers and noshing on spinach artichoke dip. We also had some excellent chicken and andouille gumbo. By Dr. Hevron’s request, Albetus played a rare Jerry Lee Lewis tune, “Meat Man,” that brought down the house.

Albetus kicks out the jams. Photo by J-R.

Our gracious hosts, the Hevrons. Photo by J-R.

After listening to J-R’s uncle Rufus regale us with crazy tales involving buckets of nutria guts, we retreated inside for the formal meal. (Does anything rev up your appetite more than talk of buckets of nutria guts?)

Rufus tells another story. Photo by Teddy.

We had salad, some savory shredded pork, tangy casserole of greens, and some sort of rich crawfish (or maybe it was shrimp—whatever, it came from the sea and tasted good) dish. Everything was great. It was followed up by bread pudding and champagne for dessert. The festivities were ended by several toasts to J-R. The married men, and those who have been divorced, offered their advice. Seeing as how successful relationships are not my forte, I will offer this nugget to you, J-R: “Do the exact opposite of everything I’ve done, and you should be fine.”

The Hevy Duty Krewe. Photo by Alex.

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