Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dinner at Dante's

This had been our only day that was really relaxed and laid-back, so we took the next couple of hours for our makeshift frathouse to drink a lot of beer, engage in infantile behavior, and take showers to get ready for dinner.

Creamer bonds with Ofeelya. We all knew this was the start of something special.

Photo by J-R.

A genius creates a masterpiece. Photo by Barrett.

A brilliant work of art, Love and Lust Among the Plastic, is completed.

Photo by Barrett.

Every bachelor party commits sins of the flesh, and it's only a matter of time before J-R is the one in the doghouse.

Marshall graciously hosts us for some pre-dinner drinks. Photo by J-R.

Craemer finds his intellectual equal. Photo by J-R.

Everyone gets ready to dine at Dante's. Photo by Teddy.

I had done some advance scouting of Dante’s menu, and I was pretty sure I’d order either the Trois Mignion plate or the rack of lamb. Unfortunately, they were out of the lamb, but they had something phenomenal in its place. I ordered the special crab trio appetizer, which included marinated crab claws (incredibly tiny, flavorless, and rather pointless), moist lump crab meat on top of avocado (buttery and smooth), and one crab cake that made a serious case for best-ever status. Then came the entrée of entrees…a roasted pork shank on top of a maple-turnip puree with a mustard green vinaigrette. Wow. This was a Fred Flintstone-sized, mammoth piece of swine that just fell off the bone into the delectable mush of flavors below. It was phenomenal and probably the best thing I consumed all week. I followed it up with what was probably the best, most creamy and luscious piece of key lime pie I’ve ever tasted. The best crab cake, best pork shank, and best key lime pie in one meal. That’s not too shabby.

Ladies and gentleman, observe the pleasing plate of pork perfection.

Photo by J-R.

Succulent pork shanks have been reduced to nothing but bones.

Photo by Carm.

Barrett enjoys the cosmic artwork. Photo by Carm.

Saint Richard, The Divine. Photo by Teddy.

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