Thursday, March 08, 2007

One Last Piece o' Pork

Wednesday morning was the final descent back to reality. I washed a lot of dishes and helped to clean poor Lindsay's violated home. Then I made my way through the rain to nearby Domilise's, an old blue collar po' boy shop that seemed out of place in the neighborhood. Oddly enough, along the way, two locals in a truck stopped to ask me where Domilise's was located. They beat me there and were ahead in the moderately long line. This place must be New Orleans' equivalent of Philly's cheesesteak joints that get mobbed by construction workers on lunchbreak.

Thanks to a tip from Craemer's friend, I ordered the Hot Sausage and Gravy Po' Boy. Domilise's dresses their sandwich with lettuce, mayo, yellow mustard, and creole mustard, and I didn't expect this to be a winning combo, but the three spreads melded perfectly with the gravy to form a tantalizing blend. The sandwich was overstuffed with the juicy meat, and this was one incredibly hearty meal.

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