Thursday, March 08, 2007

We Ain't Dead Yet

We awakened 3 hours later and scavenged the last remaining food scraps in the house. Marshall drove over and gave us a ride to the Maple Leaf for Rebirth's traditional Tuesday night gig. I've always wanted to experience this show, and like most events at the Maple Leaf, it did not disappoint. Rebirth was fired up, churning out all of their hits. It was an almost 50-50 interracial mix in the crowd, and everyone was very cool.

The welcome sight of a hanging bra in The Maple Leaf. Photo by J-R.

At setbreak, we went to the food truck outside for grub, and we asked if the BBQ Pork Chop Sandwich was deep fried. The lady assured us it was not, so we ordered four of 'em. 40 minutes later, they were ready. They were deep fried. And Thank God they were because these were some heavenly sandwiches that hit the spot. A bone-in pork chop was sauced, breaded, and fried and then slapped on a dressed bun. (Marshall asked for his without mayo, so he was promptly served one with mayo. He didn't care.) A couple of splashes of Tabasco, and we were rollin'. I ate all around the bone and then sucked that bone dry. You just don't get sandwiches like this every day. Concluding the show with one of the creamiest pralines I'd ever tasted, courtesy of the lady at the front door, was an excellent finish to this 2AM meal.

Afterwards, we went for one last round of beers at nearby Snake ‘n Jake’s Christmas Lounge. J-R said that this was the kind of place that you only go to at night. Seeing as how it looked like the building might fall apart at any minute, I understood why. Nevertheless, it had its charm and served admirably as an end-of-the-night destination.

Snake and Jake's is still open, and they would like you to know about it.

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