Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bourbon Street: Enter at Your Own Risk

We made it to Canal Street in time to catch the end of Rex, and I was a bit beaded-out by this point, but I did catch a mini football. Rex ended, and the mission was to move through the French Quarter to Frenchmen Street in the Marigny.
Amanda and Teddy on Canal Street. Photo by J-R.

One of many little parades to make their way through the French Quarter. Photo by J-R.

Photo by Teddy.

The starting outside linebackers for the New Orleans Saints.

(Both are bigger than Mark Simoneau.)

- Photo by J-R.

Along the way, I decided to take a brief detour to Bourbon Street, just to say that I did it. I really hate Bourbon Street and its many puking tourists, but I guess I needed to see it to say I had been there. I was on the eastern end of the street, and everything seemed surprisingly sedate. That being said, I did see a pair of flashing triple Ds, and that more than filled my quota, so I left.

I was once again surprised that this was only my second trip to the French Quarter, and I was blazing through it to get to my destination. Only the really touristy shops on Decatur were open, and most of the restaurants were closed, too. That being said, I had some gifts I needed to buy for my family and co-workers, so I took a quick jaunt to the French Market to load up a bag full of crap.

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